How does salt water help an ingery?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Saltwater acts as a "detergent" and kills bacteria in a wound.

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Q: How does salt water help an ingery?
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What is a brain ingery?

A brain ingery is something that can csuse bleeding and passing out like cuncoshens

How do you separate iron filings salt water and salt?

Help me

How might the greater density of salt water help ocean creatures?

If there is a greater density of salt water, then there is more salt, which means it will help animals help. I have forgotten how that happens, but I answered the question.

How will desalination help with your water shortage?

Desalination provides extra reserves of water by removing the salt from salt water.

How does boiled salt water help the world?

Boiling salt water produces two things: drinkable water from the vapor, and salt, an essential element.

Can drinking salt water help shock?


Does water mixed with salt help plants grow?

No salt clogs roots

Why does salt water help toughen gums?

yes salt water helps your gums from pain and burning sensation

Is althts foot a running ingery?

No it is a fungus from wet towels

Why wont a magnet help you separate a mixture of salt and water?

Because salt isn't magnetic

Does salt water help an ear infection?

I have an ear infection and I went to the beach yesterday and got some salt water in it. People say it doesn't help but it doesn't make it worse. If I were you, I wouldn't take any chances with salt water.

Will salt help water evaporate faster?

It is not correct.