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Q: How does regular and proper body care give comfort?
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How does regular and proper body care give comfort to a person?

proper care for the body also includes sufficient sleep and rest,regular exercise simple but nutritious meals and drinking eight to ten glasses of water everyday.

Proper way of taking care of your body?

tanong mo sa lolo mo

What is the definition of proper care?

It is care that is proper.

Should the medical term comfort care be capitalized?

No, "comfort care" should not be capitalized unless it's at the beginning of a sentence.

Can you give insulin to comfort care patients?


Give an example of a strategy you would use to provide comfort to a person in pallitive care?

I would use the extra pillows and blankets for comfort and positioning strategy to provide comfort for a person in pallitive care.

The goal in end-of-life care is to?

The goal of end of life care is to comfort.

How can we take good care of body?

You have to use proper hygiene. Take showers, brush teeth, and clean well.

What are the importance of maternal care?

they are important for comfort. ahahaha

Did Mother Teresa care about her body?

A:Of course Mother Teresa cared about her body. She thought about both her comfort and her health. When flying around the world, she travelled in first class comfort. She died surrounded in her own bedroom by sophisticated and expensive cardiac equipment, which had been specially fitted for her in the order's Motherhouse.

What is the life expectincy of marfan syndrome?

With proper treatment (medications, regular checks of the aorta, preventative surgery), a person with Marfan syndrome has an average life expectancy into their mid 70s. If a person does not know they have the diagnosis or does not do proper care, the life expectancy can be the 40s. This is why proper diagnosis is key!

What words starting with c describe a healthy relationship?

care, comfort