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Dental plaque is, well, bacterial excrement (ie: pooh).

It is a biofilm that covers teeth and builds up as a yellow calculus that covers the base of teeth or the whole tooth if left untreated. Plaque is bad because it releases acids that degrade the teeth, acts as a barrier to the natural movement of saliva (which remineralises teeth) and as stated builds up as a hard yellow calculus (tarter). also you suck

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Q: How does plaque affect your teeth?
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What is plaque on your teeth called?

plaque from not brushing your teeth very good.

Can you make a sentence for the word plaque?

I went to the dentist and he removed the plaque from my teeth

Does sugar affect your teeth?

Yes it does. The sugar creates bacteria, which turns into plaque and plaque eats away the enamel (outer layer of the tooth).

What is plaque and how can you prevent it forming?

plaque is dirt in your teeth

What does Plaque stick to?

Plaque adheres to the crevices and fissures of the teeth

Why is plaque on the tooth?

when does plaque form most on teeth? is it during the night?

How can tooth plaque be prevented from forming?

Plaque can be prevented from forming by cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly and not eating too many sweets. Also by eating less foods that are not friendly with your teeth. Follow this and it is extremely unlikely to get plaque on your teeth.

How does the coating rot the teeth?

The coating on your teeth is called plaque. Plaque is a build up of bacteria that can eat away at the coating of your teeth. Brushing and flossing is important and can prevent this.

Why is plaque on teeth important for teeth?

A lil bit of plaque on teeth is important because it makes it so you don't take the enamel off of them, which is very important for your teeth to have so they don't rot.

Why does sugar effect your teeth?

Sugar effects your teeth because it mixes with the plaque which creates and acid thats rotts your teeth. we brush our teeth in the morning to get rid of the plaque so that when we eat food there is no plaque there to mix with the food to make that acid and you should do the same in the night swell.

What does smoking do to your teeth?

Some Loss of teeth, Plaque and gum disseases

What is plaque causes by?

Plaque is caused by a bacteria that is trying to attach itself to the surface of your teeth. This type of plaque is called a biofilm.