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Warm water with a nice amount of vinegar helps make it shine and also cleans them. No soap unless it is a product that is made for hardwood floors. I use Murphy Oil Soap but not every time.

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Q: How does one best care for hardwood floors?
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What is the best vacume for cleaning hardwood floors?

One of the best vacuums for hardwood floors is the Hoover Linx.

What products can be used for cleaning hardwood floors?

There are many different products that can be used to clean hardwood floors. One of the best and most popular is known as Pine-Sol for Hardwood, and it works great.

Where can one find a guide to refinish hardwood floors?

One can find a guide to refinish hardwood floors online at various websites. One can find a guide to refinish hardwood floors online at Redbeacon and This Old House.

What is the best way to find hardwood floors online?

Hardwood floors and many other home remodeling resources can be found online. One good website is offering online sale for hardwood floors and the odds are that you have a local branch of the store where you can have your order delivered to there and get it from there at your own convenience. Although the best hardwood floors may depend on your budget and what you are looking for, I suggest reading reviews on the website before making a decision.

What are the advantages of having bamboo hardwood floors?

The advantages of having bamboo hardwood floors are exceptional good looks and warmth, highly versatile and sustainable. It is thought to be one of the best materials for the constructors.

Where can a person purchase exotic hardwood floors?

One can purchase exotic hardwood floors from specialty flooring companies such as Wilsonart, Cabot, Shaw Floors and Exotic Floors. One can also purchase exotic hardwood floors from larger hardware and home supply stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's and Lumber Liquidators.

Where can one go to learn more about hardwood flooring installation?

One can learn more about installing hardwood floors from the following DIY websites: Home Depot, DIY Network, Wood Floors, Armstrong, Build Direct, Hardwood Floors Mag, One Project Closer, Hosking Hardwood, to name a few.

Is there a Bruce hardwood floors in Colorado?

There are several Bruce Hardwood Floors in Colorado. You can visit their website and put in your zip code to find the one nearest you. You can also buy Bruce Hardwood floors at all Lowes stores.

Where can one find information on refinishing hardwood floors?

There are a number of websites that offer information on refinishing hardwood floors. One can find such information on 'bobvila', 'Lowe's' and 'Popular Mechanics'.

Where can one purchase floating hardwood floors?

One can purchase floating hardwood floors online at Armstrong and Hosking Hardwood Flooring. Retailers that offer both online and in store purchase options include Lowes and Home Depot.

Where can one find a liquidator selling hardwood floors?

There are many different liquidators that specialize in the sale of discount hardwood floors. Some of these liquidators include Lumber Liquidators, Baltimore Carpets, and Hurs Hardwood.

Tips on Caring for Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and classic way to cover your home’s floors. Whether you own an older home with original hardwood floors or a newer one with recently added hardwood floors, you definitely have beautiful flooring in your home. But, just like anything that is beautiful, hardwood flooring takes some special maintenance and care to maintain its natural beauty. Avoid damage to your beautiful wood floors. Don’t move furniture across your hardwood floors without ensuring that the furniture is either lifted off of the floors and carried or special furniture moving pads are used - this will avoid dents, gouges and scratches from table legs, couch legs and other furniture pieces. Having a polyurethane coating applied to your hardwood floors is a great way to preserve the natural beauty of your flooring while avoiding water damage. Never use floor cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach on your hardwood flooring. This will cause damage to your floors and will cause you to have to refinish your hardwood floors. Only use cleaning products that are intended for hardwood floors, make sure you read the labels before applying any product and follow all instructions carefully. Before applying any cleaner or polish to your hardwood flooring, make sure you test a small area that is out of sight and make sure it won’t damage your floors. Daily care for hardwood floors is very simple. You can simply sweep with a broom or a dust mop daily and get small pieces of debris and dirt off of your floors. This is important, as small debris and dirt can eventually damage your flooring and its finish, causing scratches, gouges or dulling your floors. Mopping with a specialty hardwood floor cleaner at least once a week will keep your floors shiny, clean and looking great. Never apply floor wax to unfinished hardwood floors, this will cause a film on your floors and can even make them sticky. Floor wax is only intended for use on finished woods, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and other synthetic types of flooring. Using a product specially formulated for hardwood floors is the best way to go when it comes to making your wood flooring gleam. With these basic tips in mind, caring for your hardwood floors is simple and you’ll enjoy the beauty of them for years to come.