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Q: How does obesity affect you cognitive health?
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What are the factors that affect health in an aged person?

Obesity and diet

How does obesity affect a healthy lifestyle?

obesity can affect the lifestyle by causeing diabeties, high blood pressure, and heart probelms leading to lack of excercise and poor health obesity can affect the lifestyle by causeing diabeties, high blood pressure, and heart probelms leading to lack of excercise and poor health

Example of negative health?

Having poor, or negative, health is a common problem for people in the United States. Obesity and obesity related illnesses affect a large number of people.

What is conjunctive behavioral disorder?

Cognitive behavioral disorders are mental health disorders that affect cognitive skills like learning and memory. These are disorders such as dementia , amnesia and delirium.

Is obesity a mental disorder?

Obesity is not a mental disorder. However, being obese can negatively affect emotional health, in addition to physical health. To learn more about the known causes of obesity, see the page link, further down this page, listed under "Related Questions."

Can cognitive anxiety be linked to autoimmune or endocrine disorders?

im no doc, but I believe cognitive anxiety can indeed be linked to endocrine disorders, as some of these disorders affect mental health.

How does obesity affect physical health?

yes, it can slow your speed, cause lack of breath, and sweat extremely easily

What are the health risks of obesity in children?

Obesity can heavily affect children. It will ruin their self-esteem, they won't "fit in" at school, and be lonely. Also, obesity increases the risks of almost ALL diseases for most organ, such as cancer.

How is obesity treated in alternative medicine?

Treatment of obesity depends primarily on the degree of a person's overweight and his or her overall health. However, to be successful, any treatment must affect life-long behavioral changes

How might your behaviors today affect your health now How might they affect your health in the future?

Our bodies' changes and behaviors will affect our position in the health continuum. If we do not get enough sleep, do not eat properly, do not exercise, or do not ask for support when times are tough, we will get stressed or be at risk for chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, or heart disease.

How should patients be prepared for obesity surgery?

After patients are carefully selected as appropriate for obesity surgery, they receive standard preoperative blood and urine tests and meet with an anesthesiologist to discuss how their health may affect the administration of anesthesia.

How can stress and obesity affect social life?

Stress and obesity can affect social life because by obesity, you are concerned about your appearance. Because of stress, you are never clam and can never have a good time which can deeply affect social life.