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Q: How does mucus help keep the airway clear?
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When administration CPR for children you should?

keep the airway clear

How can you keep somebody's airway open to help them breathe?

Tilt the head back or jut the jaw to keep somebody's airway open to help them breathe.

The trachea has golet cells that produce mucus. What is the specific protective function of the mucus?

Well, the trachea has cartilaginous rings that keep the airway from caving in; this keeps the airway open at all time, which is good because we need air all the time. Not quite sure what the question is asking, other than that.

How much mucus and cilia help to keep the lungs clean?


Whats the purpose of snot?

Mucus (aka snot) helps to keep mucus membranes lubricated/hydrated and helps clear antigens (virus, bacteria, allergens, etc) from the body.

How does mucus and cilia help to keep the airway free of dust and bacteria?

Mucus and cilia keep the lungs free from bacteria and dust particles by trapping dust so that it can be swallowed and broken down by the digestive system. Alternatively, dust and bacteria can be expelled when sneezing or coughing.

Why are live frogs slimy?

This is because frogs secrete a mucus which help keep their skin moist

How do you clear mucus for a 5 month old?

At 5-months, a nose bulb is still good to use to suck the mucus out of a baby's nose. It is important to keep your baby hydrated, whenever they are ill. So suck out the mucus and maintain a normal feeding schedule.

What natural products can keep your skin clear?

Mint leaves, lemon juice, and papaya can help keep skin clear.

Does drinking lots of liquid help get rid of a cold?

Drinking lots of liquid does not help get rid of a cold. Drinking lots of water will help prevent dehydration and reduce mucus. Water helps keep mucus thin and easier for your body to get rid of it.

How does mucus help keep your body stay healthy?

Well one of the answers i know of is that your mucus coats the inside of your stomach preventing your stomach acids from eating through your body.

How does mucus help frogs survive?

From my knowledge, I'm pretty sure that the mucus that surrounds a frog's body helps to keep it moist when it is out of the water, seeing as a frog is an amphibious creature.