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It doesn't. Only the length of the pendulum and the strength of the gravitational field alter the period/frequency.

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Q: How does mass affect pendulum frequency?
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How does amplitude of a pendulum affect frequency?

it doesnt affect the amplitude as the mass and length remain constant

How does the length of a pendulum affect the frequency?

A longer pendulum will have a smaller frequency than a shorter pendulum.

How does the mass of pendulum affect its period?

It doesn't.

What are the relationships between the frequency of a simple pendulum and its mass amplitude and length?

The lower the frequency, the larger mass and longer length, The higher the frequency, the smaller the mass, and shorter the length.

What does the frequency of a pendulum depend on?

-- its length (from the pivot to the center of mass of the swinging part) -- the local acceleration of gravity in the place where the pendulum is swinging

What increaases the frequency of a pendulum?

Length of the pendulum (distance of centroid to pivot) - shorter is faster. Gravitational or acceleration field strength - more is faster.Note: The mass of the pendulum is not a factor.

How does mass affect wave frequency?

lower mass = higher frequency

What are the factor affecting on the simple pendulum?

The factors that affect a simple pendulum are; length; angular displacement; and mass of the bong.

How does the frequency vary with the length of a pendulum?

The frequency of a pendulum varies with the square of the length.

How do the mass of a pendulum affect the numbers of swings?

Not at all, as long as the mass of the 'bob' is large compared to the mass of the string.

How do you reduce frequency of oscillation of a pendulum?

make the rod longer the rod will shorten the period. The mass of the bob does not affect the period. You could also increase the gravitational pull.

How does frequency of a pendulum vary with its length?

The frequency of a pendulum is inversely proportional to the square root of its length.