How does litter affect your lives?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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It doesn't though it affects the animals if they swallow it. SO Don't litter! :)

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Q: How does litter affect your lives?
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How does litter affect the economy?

it causes crime in areas that have litter. the places that have litter around messier places to live.

What does litter affect?

Animals, and the environment.

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How does litter affect where we live?

Litter is a problem because it damages areas where we live, work and play areas for children.

What insect lives in dead leaf litter and is a good jumper?


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How does litter affect drinking water?

the rubbish can get into our water tanks and can pollute

How does litter affect the soil of the forests?

Litter nourishes the soil with nutrients from dead leaves, dead grass, etc.CIARAN WAZ HERE

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