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Q: How does landlord rollover work with Columbia Gas?
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Noc from the landlord for gas connection?

noc from landlord no objection for reopen gas meter

How do you siphon gas from a 2000 Nissan Quest?

You do not because there is a check valve in the filler to prevent gas spillage in case of a rollover.

What are the release dates for Eye for an Eye - 2003 Gas Tank Landlord?

Eye for an Eye - 2003 Gas Tank Landlord was released on: USA: 21 May 2009

Tenant never switched gas into their own name. The landlord paid the bill for 7 months and then stopped. What are the tenant's rights?

If the lease agreement states that the tenant should switch the account to their name and pay the gas bill then the tenant should pay the landlord back. If there was no written agreement, or understanding, that the tenant pay the gas bill then you could try filing a complaint with the town, housing court, landlord-tenant agency, etc., if the landlord simply stopped providing heat and hot water. If the understanding was that the tenant pay their gas, they never switched the account to their name and the landlord didn't notice for seven months, then the tenant should start paying the gas bill and hope the landlord doesn't sue them for all the prior gas charges.

What is Boiler Cover for Landlords?

The fundamental distinction between landlord and homeowner boiler service insurance is that the insurance should cover the landlord’s requirement to keep an annual Landlord Gas Safety Record. This is something we can offer with all of our landlord services. For your convenience, we can provide electronic copies of the certificates of all our heating engineers registered with Gas Safe.

Could Landlord put in gas water heater now you smell gas what do you do?

You should contact the gas company very soon. Gas is dangerous if not propdealt with.

What if your heating bill is connected to your rent and landlord didn't pay the gas bill?

You need to communicate with the landlord to straighten out the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible. You may pay the gas bill and deduct that amount from your next month's rent. However, a landlord that doesn't pay such an important bill shouldn't have tenants. I know it's expensive, but moving sounds like a good idea. ------------------------------------------------- If your lease says that the gas is paid as part of your rent then the contract for gas to the property would be in your landlord's name and your landlord is responsible for it. If in these circumstances he is not paying the gas bill, then you need to go and see an attorney (lawyer / solicitor) for advice. If however the gas contract is in your name, then you are responsible for the payments despite what you may think your tenancy agreement says.

Is a landlord responsible to pay a tenants very late gas bill in Iowa?

Normally not: every bill in the tenant's name is that tenant's responsibility, not of the landlord.

What are the trades in British Columbia?

in British Columbia it trades lumber, fish, coal, natural gas

Where can one find maps of Columbia?

Columbia, South Carolina? Tourist centers, gas stations, book stores.

How do I siphon gas out of my 1991 Chevy Beretta when the hose is being blocked somewhere in the gas line down to the tank?

You can not as the tank filler neck has a check valve in case of rollover to prevent gasoline from coming out of the tank.

This is for Mass Does a landlord have the right to fix a gas forced heat furnace himself or does he have to have a professional do it?

This is a good question for your local building inspector, because the answer depends on what the landlord plans to do. I asked the chief building inspector for a large Massachusetts city. If this work involves the fuel delivery system at all (the supply pipe, burners, ignition system), that work must be done by a licensed gasfitter. If it involves changing ducts or flues, the landlord might be able to do that himself, but he should get a building permit. If the work is as simple as changing a filter, anyone can do that, and no permit is required.