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Irises reveal information about physical and emotional constitution (inherited weaknesses); reflects the causes of problems, not symptoms; predicts future problems; reveals healing, past health.

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Q: How does iridology assess a person's health?
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What is the procedure for iridology assessment?

The iris reflects what is happening throughout the body via nerve conduction. The interpretation of patterns, rings, color markings, fibers, structures, and changes in the pupil and iris assess health.

What is iridology also called?

Iridology is also called iris analysis or iris diagnosis.

What are the preparations needed for an iridology reading?

No special preparations are necessary before an iridology reading.

Who performs iridology readings?

Iridology readings are performed by naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, iridologists.

What are the precautions for an iridology reading?

An iridology reading is unlikely to cause physical harm by itself. Critics of iridology say that readings that suggest a condition that does not exist or missing a condition that does exist could be unhealthy.

What is A procedure which can be used to assess the moral health of a corporation?

moral health

What is the history of iridology?

Iridology began with a book called Chiromatica medica by Philippus Meyers, 1670. The father of iridology is Dr. Ignatz von Peczely, 1881. And Swedish homeopath Nils Liljequist, 1800's.

What has the author Joe Shelby Riley written?

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How do you asses PERRLA?

with the use of a pen light assess for the dilatation of a persons pupils

What are the release dates for The Genesis of Healing - 2007 Iridology - 1.8?

The Genesis of Healing - 2007 Iridology - 1.8 was released on: USA: 2007

What is the study of irises to diagnose diseases?


What has the author Farida Sharan written?

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