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Iodine is the main building block needed to make thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is needed to control your metabolism. If you lack Iodine in your diet, over time, you will develop goiter (enlarged) thyroid gland. This is rare in the US since many salt has iodine in it.

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Q: How does iodine deficiency affect the body?
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How does deficiency of iron and iodine affect your body?

Deficiency of iron will lead to anemia while lack of iodine leads to thyroid problems.

What prolonged deficiency would affect thyroid?

A deficiency in the element Iodine in the diet.

What are the nutritional benefits of iodine?

Iodine is very useful for our body. Iodine deficiency can cause thyroid. So just check your iodine level in your salt which you are using in your food. Better use Iodine Salt.

What part of the endocrine system does the goiter affect?

Goiter affects the thyroid gland and is associated with iodine deficiency.

Is goitre a good indicater of iodine deficiency?

The goitre is used as a biological marker for iodine deficiency. Goitre manifestation indicates that other damaging effects of iodine deficiency are already present.

What mineral deficiency causes goiter?


How does pyruvate kinase deficiency affect the body?

PKD is caused by a deficiency in the enzyme, pyruvate kinase.

Why is it advised to have iodine in your diet?

A deficiency of iodine causes the disease goiter.

Deficiency of which mineral causes dwarfism and hypothyroidism?

Dwarfism is zinc deficiency. hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency.

What is the scientific name iodine?

HUSAIRA is the scientific name of iodine. The deficiency disease of iodine is Goitre.

What is the scientific name of iodine?

HUSAIRA is the scientific name of iodine. The deficiency disease of iodine is Goitre.

What diseases does iodine help?

Goitre is the major disease caused by deficiency of iodine.