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Q: How does hydrogen peroxide cure yeast infection?
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Will hydrogen peroxide cure acne?

No, Hydrogen Peroxide will not cure acne... Benzyl Peroxide, will however help it.

Will Erythromycin cure a yeast infection?

No. Erythromycin is one of the cause of yeast infection.

What can be done to cure an impossible vaginal yeast infection?

An impossible vaginal yeast infection?! Why do you want to know how to cure it, if it's impossible to get?

Can yeast infection be cure?

of course, with antifungals.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on a bunny cut?

yes you can it can cure it

How do you cure a yeast infection without medication?

You don't - once you have an established yeast infection, you will need some form of medication to eliminate it.

How long does it take flucess to cure yeast infection?

Flucess 150MG should relieve a yeast infection in 24 hours and cure it in one to three days. Taking one dose of Flucess 150 mg will provide enough relief to wait until the yeast infection clears up.

Is it hard to cure a yeast infection if you had a hysterectomy?

No it's just like before.

Can a man use Monistat 7 to cure a penial yeast infection?

Yes. It's the best way to cure it.

Can nitrofurantoin-macro cure a yeast infection?

Use of nitrofurantoin for prolonged or repeated periods may result in oral thrush or a vaginal yeast infection. So it can actually cause one.

Does otc treatment cure yeast infections?

Yes, over-the-counter yeast infection treatments do cure/treat yeast infections - that's why they're sold! Just make sure that you follow the instructions and if you find it doesn't work it's a good idea to see your doctor to confirm it is just a yeast infection and maybe get a different stronger treatment.

Is a dose of 9 tablets of amoxicillin enough to cure an infection?

I always heard antibiotics cause a yeast infection. Is this true?