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how does engineering department help an organisation in achieving its goals?

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Q: How does engineering dept help an organization in achieving its goals?
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Difference between college and university?

Colleges typically are divided into academic departments (engineering dept., English dept., biology dept., etc.). Universities typically have colleges or schools that fall under the university (school of business, school of engineering, etc.)

Can you get the blueprints to your house from the council?

Sometimes. Depends how their Engineering Dept. did things back when your house was built.

What does D4D stand for in engine terms?

Either... Dept. of Engineering or Design of Experiment Most likely the latter

Who is in charge of a squad?

A squad leader is generally in charge of a squad.Added: In a military or para-military-type organization (e.g.: Police Dept. or Fire Dept. - etc) the position is filled by a Sergeant.

What has the author Werner Goldsmith written?

Werner Goldsmith has written: 'Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley' -- subject(s): Berkeley University of California, History, University of California, Berkeley. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

What has the author Thomas John Norman Hilken written?

Thomas John Norman Hilken has written: 'Engineering at Cambridge University: 1783-1965' -- subject(s): University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge. Engineering Dept

What goals did Jefferson achieve in reducing the size of government?

Thomas Jefferson reduced the federal budget and kept the dept low.-Almani

Which institute has the largest mechanical department in Asia?

i don't know about the largest but the mechanical dept of delhi college of engineering is considered as the best one in Asia

What has the author Florida Dept of Citrus written?

The Florida Dept of Citrus is an organization responsible for promoting and regulating the citrus industry in Florida. They may publish information related to citrus production, health benefits of citrus fruits, recipes, or promotional materials.

What has the author Christine M Matthews written?

Christine M Matthews has written: 'Science, engineering, and mathematics education' -- subject(s): Engineering, Mathematics, National Science Foundation (U.S.), Science, Study and teaching 'National research initiative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture' -- subject(s): Research, United States, United States. Dept. of Agriculture 'U.S. Department of Agriculture' -- subject(s): Appropriations and expenditures, United States, United States. Dept. of Agriculture 'Underrepresented minorities and women in science, mathematics, and engineering' -- subject(s): Women in science, Minorities in engineering, Minorities in science, Women in engineering, Women in mathematics

What is the planning and designing process of a pub?

You would have to work with an architect as well as go to your City Hall Engineering Dept., to find out the building codes you must follow.

What is the email id of Prof P.K.Ghosh of ECE Dept in Kalyani Governmrent Engineering College under WBUT in west Bengal? or