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Q: How does clothing affect the body's ability to cool itself?
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How does arthritis affect the human bodys ability to maintain homeostasis?

it will stop the joints from growing

What substance decreases the bodys ability to clot?


What physical attributes affect the choice of clothing?

Any and all physical attributes can affect the choice of clothing people buy. Body shape tends to affect the shape of the garments people buy. Not only how well it will fit a bodys shape, but also how it will hang, or drape, on the body that wears it. Color of skin, hair and eyes will affect what colors a person looks for in their garments also.

Diabetes affects the bodys ability to do what?

glucose, Sugar

When will swelling go down after hydrocelectomy surgery?

3 to six months depending on your bodys ability to heal itself. It will be a different shape than the other testicle due to trauma, but will soften over time.

How is homeostasis achieved?

it isn't achieved. homeostasis is your bodys process of keeping itself at equilibrium

How does subarctic climate affect people?

because it is chilly and it will make their bodys very cold

Is physical fitness the bodys ability of your body systems to work together with the least effort is?

yes it its, i did my homework

How does diabetes affect the bodys ability to make insulin?

Because when diabetes inters the body, it makes the beta cells that produce the insulin look like the intruders. So the body's immune system attacks and kills all of the beta cells.

When a human exercises sweat often forms on the skin sweating is an example of the human bodys ability to?

recycle nutrients

What is the importance of tonsils in the body's defenses?

The tonsils are apart of the lymphatic system. They aid in the bodys ability to fight germs.

Do humans affect ladybugs?

because when they are mating they cant be pulled apart beacause it will ruin there bodys. when they are not doing anything dont touch them.