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Boiling the potato destroys the cell membrane which is a partially permeable membrane. Thus osmosis is unable to occur as osmosis occurs through a partially membrane and only diffusion would occur.

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Q: How does boiling a potato effect osmosis?
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Can peeled boiled potato go through osmosis?

yes peeled potato go through osmosis.

What organism is used in the osmosis experiment?

A potato is used in the osmosis experiment.

How does length and width of a potato affect osmosis and also how does the mass of the potato affect osmosis?

If a potato has a larger surface are:volume ratio, it will be affected by osmosis more quickly that a potato with a smaller surface are:volume ratio. Presumably a potato with a larger mass will have a smaller SA:Vol ratio, and as such will be less affected.

What are effect of osmosis on potato strips?

osmosis is the process by which water moves from a higher concentration through a selectively permeable membrane therefore, water will moves inside the potato strips to make it turgid because inside of the potato strips is more concentrated than outside however, water can move out of a potato strip by osmosis if the solution outside is too concentrated eg. sodium chloride solution(NaCl) -- salt solution.

How does boiling water cook a potato?

The boiling water heats up the potato from the heat in the water.

Did boiling potato loses mass?


Why did water diffuse out of a potato in a test tube of Na Cl?


How does osmosis experimemt take place with potato?


How do you boil a sweet potato?

same as boiling a regular potato, its ready in less time.

How does osmosis experiment take place with potato?

Beacause when you put the slice of potato in water osmosis takes place since concentration of water is lower then the concentration of the potato and water moves from ow concentration to high concentration so the water will move into the potato and the potato will become ridgid, But if you put salty water the salty water has a higher concentration then the potato so water will move out of the potato and the potato becomes soft.

Is the red potato for boiling?

The red potato is usually cooked by boiling, frying (sliced), grilling, or steaming. Their skin is too thin to commonly be baked.

How does osmosis effect humans?

it is a substance

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