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Q: How does being deaf affect someone's daily lifestyle?
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How does practice of active lifestyle affect the students academic performances?

active lifestyle would allow them to encounter high level of confidence daily and would help student to do more in school, to excel.

How do vampires affect your daily lives?

No vampires tend to keep a normal lifestyle and tend to not bring up situations that could possibly expose them for what they really are.

How does living in a fast paced world affect your daily lifestyle?

it can either make you really stressed and you not want to eat. or it can make you eat like a fat cow. :(

What type of exercises is a lifestyle activity?

The definition for lifestyle activities is to do activities every day on a daily basis.

How do science affect your daily lives?

how does science affect our daily living

How does anatomy affect a person's daily life?

allow me to reconstruct your question. maybe the right question would be, how does a person's daily life affect his/ her anatomy? a person who is living a sedentary life, meaning have a poor diet, lifestyle, and rarely exercises would likely to have a poor immune system and body build up.making him/her look unhealthy physically. a more active lifestyle would make a healthy person. i hope i made a point on that!

How does fitness affect us in your daily lives?

Being fit makes you fell better and have more energy.

How does globalization affect your daily life?

how the globalization and internet affect your daily life

What are kids in Yemen expected to do daily?

Give me answers on what they do as a lifestyle

How does being Christian affect one's daily life?

Christians strive to be like God. That being said, they do their best to not sin, versus giving into temptation.

Are most people honest?

Depends on their Lifestyle and Daily life. And their personality.

How does a transverse wave affect your daily lives?

They just do