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Being a landlord dramatically affects that individual's home owner's insurance policy. By being a landlord this individual is taking on/assuming a drastic increase.

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Q: How does being a landlord affect home insurance?
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Are there extra benefits for insurance since I am a landlord?

There are many insurance providers which can provide landlord insurance. You can find some information online at or

Where can a great deal on landlords home insurance be found?

Great deals on landlord's home insurance can be found through many different insurance companies. MetLife, Liberty Mutual, and Farmer's Insurance are just a few of the companies that offer landlord's home insurance.

Can Home bancruptcy affect getting my insurance license?

Can a home bankruptcy affect getting my insurance license?

What insurance companies offer Landlord insurance as a stand alone policy not connected to the rental property onwer's personal homeowner's insuranc policy?

Metlife does does offer that option.

What kinds of things does landlord insurance cover?

Landlord insurance usually covers things like malicious damage by tenants, and other useful things like legal and home emergency cover. It's actually quite important to make sure you have landlord house insurance.

Does home owner's insurance pay for roof replacement?

yes, we are currently renting and our landlord's insurance paid for ours to be fixed

Can landlord use home insurance claim if tenants wreck property?

If the tenant damages the property he is liable for such damages. The Landlord may or may not have his own insurance for this purpose but the tenant is liable. If the Tenant has his own insurance (Renter's Insurance) then the Tenant may file a claim and damages will be covered by that insurance.

Is Legal and General the name of an insurance company?

Yes, Legal & General is an insurance company. They offer life, home, landlord, lifestyle cover, and pet insurance.

How does someone get AAMI car insurance?

"AAMI Insurance is available for Australian residents. This insurance company also offers other types of insurance including travel, life, home, and landlord insurance."

What insurance services are provided by the Nationwide Building Society?

The Nationwide Building Society offers insurance for the home (buildings and contents), the car, travel, landlord insurance and life & lifestyle insurance.

What kind of insurance does HSBC Home Insurance provide?

HSBC provides all kinds of Home Insurance, from basic structural cover to full home and contents. They also offer emergency repair cover as well as specialized landlord cover.

What type of insurance is Aami used for?

AAMI insurance is an Australian agency that covers all major insurance types. This includes home, car, life, travel, landlord and others.