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i am guessing since she is a robot they put artificial eggs inside of her ...

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Q: How does android 18 have a kid?
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Dragon Ball Z How is android 18 able to have a kid?

She is a cyborg, not completely robot

How old is android 18?

android 18 never ages so shes 18.

What is Android 18's daghauter?

Android 18 and Krillins daughter's name is Marron

How did android 17 and 18 became androids?

Android 17 and Android 18 don't exist yet. We are only at 3.1 Ice Cream Sandwich

Is krillen a android on Dragon Ball Z?

no. krillen isn't a android. but he did marry android 18

Who defeat android 18 and 17?

cell absorbed android 17 and 18 so pretty much cell defeated them but android 18 gets brought back to life and i think android 17 was also brought back to life

What are all the playable characters in Dragon Ball Z raging blast?

-Goku -Kid Gohan -Teen Gohan -Gohan -Goten -Kid Trunks -Trunks (sword) -Trunks (fighting teen) -Vegeta (scouter) -Nappa -Raditz -Bardock -Broly -Frieza (forms 1 - Final) -Cell (Forms 1 - Perfect) -Majin Buu -Super Buu -Kid Buu -Vegeta -Ginyu -Guldo -Burter -Recoome -Jeice -Gotenks -Vegito -Gogeta -Android #16 -Android #17 -Android #18 -Android #19 -Android #20 (Dr. Gero) -Dodoria -Zarbon

Who is the voice for Android 18 in the English version of Dragon Ball Z Kai?

"Android 18" is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard .

In Dragon Ball Z how many androids are there?

6 in Dragon Ball Z Android 13 Android 16 Android 17 Android 18 Android 19 Android 20

How was Marron in Dragonball born?

Android#18 got married to krillin. Although #18 is only a android, she still has a reproductive system

When does sh figuarts Android 18 come out?

Sh Figuarts Android 18 has been announced to release at an unspecified date this year in June