How does amuse help your body?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How does amuse help your body?
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Can amuse bouche be a verb?

The amuse part of amuse bouche is a verb, albeit a French verb.

What amuse means?

Amuse means to entertain someone.(: hope i helped!

What is an example of a sentence using the word amuse?

The child was left to amuse himself amongst the toys.I am going to tell you jokes to amuse you.Queen Victoria of Great Britain was particularly difficult to amuse.

Can you give a sentence with the word amuse?

The child's mother hired a clown to amuse the kids at the party.

What is the present tense of amuse?

The present tense of amuse is:I/You/We/They amuse.He/She/It amuses.

What is the french word for enjoy yourself?

"amuse-toi" or "amuse-toi bien"

Can you give examples of the verb 'amuse' in a simple sentence?

This will amuse you. Their antics never fail to amuse. Doing jigsaws would amuse Amy for hours on end. The kids amused themselves playing hide-and-seek. (past tense)

What is abstract noun for amuse?

The abstract noun form of the verb to amuse are amusement and the gerund, amusing.

What is the link between the words muse and amuse?

a "muse" is a source of inspiration. "amuse" is to divert attention, to distract, to bewilder. so pretty much muse means to think and amuse means to not think

What is the noun form of amuse?

The abstract noun forms for the verb to amuse are amusement and the gerund, amusing.

Why can the lungs be transplanted?

be amuse

What are the release dates for Amuse Yourself - 1936?

Amuse Yourself - 1936 was released on: USA: 27 November 1936