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Alchol affects the the brain by killing brain cells

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Q: How does alchol affect the brain?
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Does alcohol abuse affect the brain?

yes, too much alchol can kill brain cells

5 facts about the Brain?

the five cool facts are... brain is the most importent thing in your body alchol will affect your brain smoking will affect your brain if your brain gets broke you will have a mental promblem or die if a gun shots near your brain you will die because a bullet just went inside your brain

Can you preserve a deer brain?

Sure, you can preserver it as any other brain - in formaldehyde or alchol.

What happens to the brain while under the effect of alchol?

Brain looses its fluidity because of alcohol leading contraction of brain.

Is the brain effected by alchol?

Yes, Alcohol can slow your thought process.

What muscles in your body are affected by alchol first?

ur brain

How can alchol affect football players?

dinking can affect a footballs stamina when playing a match

Is the title how does alchol affect plants a great science project name?

No why would school talk about alchol keep searching dood

Which part of the brain is affected by alchol?

It affects the cerebellum which is in charge of balance and the frontal lobes.

How can alchol affect your bady?

do you mean How can alcohol affect your body? Well it can damage a lot of the things inside you like lungs....

What does brain tumor affect Does it affect any other part of your head or brain parts Is there any cure for that?

How does a brain tumor affect the Brain?

How does alchol affect the body?

If alcohol taken in large amount it affects all parts of body like extended alcohol can cause blood conditions like anemia or blood clotting, it also effects your brain, liver, lungs, heart and kidney.