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Q: How does air get around your heart and throat?
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How can a sore throat lead to heart disease?

A sore throat has no connection to heart disease.

How does oxygen that is in the air get into your blood?

lungs pumps air to the heart and heart pumps air around body through blood

When was Throat Full of Heart created?

Throat Full of Heart was created on 2008-01-18.

Where can the pulsing of blood from the heart beat be felt?

The major arteries, close to the body surface. --usually around the wrist, throat, heart, or feet

What does my throat burn after drinking blood?

I drink it a lot to. 👄but it never burns my throat. It may not be the blood. It's jut heartburn from the blood you swallowed running through your tubes and around your heart

What organ processes the air that's to be released into your bllood?

When you inhale air, the oxygen is sent to your heart through pulmonary veins and arteries. The heart then puts the oxygen into the blood, which is sent around the body from the heart.

What does my heart jumped into your throat mean?

when your surprised / in shock

What are the organs of the Respritory System?

Lungs, heart and throat

What is the function of a throat?

The throat contains the esophagus and the trachea. The esophagus is for food and the trachea is for air.

Is air around the heart dangerous?

there should never be air around your heart. Air should be contained in the lungs. IF you have air in the chest cavity that is outside the lung, you have a pneumothorax and need to see a dr immediately! The causes of a pneumothorax (air around the heart or lungs) is typically from trauma, such as a puncture wound (knife especially) or gunshot. If you have a pneumothorax or a pneumo-mediasteinum, you may find itr difficult to breath and that you heart rate may increase due to the increased pressure on both your heart and lungs. Air can be removed using a special syringe, allowing the lungs to expand normally and reducing the pressure on the heart. If you have these symptoms you should go to the emergency room immediately

Does frequent sorethroat cause heart associated disease or once is enough?

Frequent sore throat will not necessarily cause heart disease. One episode of strep throat leading to rheumatic fever can cause heart disease.

Where does air pass after the nose?

your mouth and throat