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Q: How does age affect the sensitivity of the skin?
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How does age affect the sensitivity of the tongue?

As individuals age, the sensitivity of their taste buds may decrease, leading to a diminished ability to perceive certain flavors. This can result in a decreased sense of taste and potentially impact the overall enjoyment of food. Additionally, age-related changes in taste perception and saliva production can also affect the perception of flavors and the overall taste experience.

What effect does age have on your sensitivity to various smell?

As you age, your sense of smell can become weaker, making it harder to detect and distinguish between different odors. This decrease in sensitivity is due to changes in the olfactory system and a reduction in the number of olfactory receptors in the nose. Older adults may also experience a decline in their ability to identify and remember smells accurately.

Does Cold weather affect dog paw pads and sensitivity?

It can, just like peoples' skin can be dry and chapped some dogs paw pads are the same way.

What damage is done to the skin from tuberculoid leprosy?

The skin becomes dry and discolored and loses its sensitivity.

What happen to voltage sensitivity if current sensitivity is increase of agalvanometer?

If current sensitivity of a galvanometer is increased, the voltage sensitivity remains the same. Voltage sensitivity depends on the resistance of the galvanometer coil, while current sensitivity depends on the number of turns in the coil. Therefore, changing current sensitivity does not affect voltage sensitivity.

What skin condition is a result of Unusual intolerance and sensitivity to light?


Which forms of teeth whitening also reduce sensitivity of the teeth to temperature?

Most forms of teeth whitening make teeth more sensitive to temperature, using some whitening strips and whitening tooth paste can not affect your sensitivity, but most harsher forms of whitening will affect tooth sensitivity.

What are the long term side effects of a chemical peel?

The longest term affect on the skin of a chemical peel is increased sensitivity particularly to the sun, but also to chemicals and cosmetics. Other side effects that can be visible over time include redness, uneven skin tone, increased susceptibility to skin infections, and puffiness around the eyes.

How does the anode voltage applied to the cathode ray oscilloscope affects the sensitivity of the CRO?

The anode voltage does not affect the sensitivity of a CRO. The input amplifier and deflection circuit have a greater influence. The Anode voltage will affect the focus and visibility of the trace, in this respect it will affect how you see the result.

Why does people hurt?

People do hurt because of their sensitivity to physical harm recorded by the skin.

Why are some parts of your body more sensitive than the others?

In some parts of the body, there are more nerves in the skin, thus the sensitivity of these areas is enhanced.

Why is the ability to sense heat cold and pain reduced in older persons?

As people age, their nerve fibers can become less sensitive and slower to transmit signals, leading to a reduced ability to sense heat, cold, and pain. Additionally, age-related changes in skin thickness and circulation can affect the perception of temperature and pain. Overall, the combination of these factors can result in a decreased sensitivity to heat, cold, and pain in older individuals.