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As far as eating sugar to prevent bacteria growth, your lymph system (what your body uses to fight bacterial infection) is strained when foods that are hard on your liver are consumed(fried foods, salty foods, dairy products, meats, flour products, hydrogenated oils, stimulants like caffeine, and sugar). If you have an infection, PLEASE stop eating like you normally do(this means only eat vegetables and only raw ones if that, drink a gallon of water a day, and if you really want to get aggressive(for staph, pnuemonia, etc,), you need to get as much oxygen as possible by actually breathing deep(not new agey-just physics) at least twenty times in a row four times per day and taking 2 ounces of wheatgrass twice per day (Google: wheatgrass health benefits). After about 2 days of NO SIGN AT ALL of infection, go eat whatever you want again.

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Q: How does Sugar prevent bacterial growth?
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Can sugar water disinfect surfaces?

No. In fact, the sugar may promote bacterial growth.

What is the difference between bacterial and anti bacterial hand wash?

Bacterial hand wash favors the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin ( hands). On the other hand ( no pun intended) ANTI bacterial hand wash does not favor bacterial growth and in fact contains agents to prevent any bacterial growth on the hands.

Why use isopropyl alcohol to inhibit bacterial growth?

Isopropyl alcohol is used to inhibit bacterial growth because it acts as a disinfectant. This kills the bacteria and prevent them from multiplying.

What organ sequester iron and zinc during a fever to prevent bacterial growth?

liver and spleen

How does sugar preserve food?

Sugar preserves food by lowering the water activity (aw). If the aw is 85 or less, spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms can't grow. Microorganisms all need proper food, water, temperature and acidity to grow and adding sugar to appropriate levels can prevent bacterial growth.

Why can salt and sugar be used as a preservative to prevent spoilage?

They can both prevent the growth of bacteria that cause food to spoil.

What skin structure act to prevent water loss as wellas inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface of the skin?

Sweat Glands

What structures found in the skin help prevent water loss and inhibit bacterial growth on the surface of the skin?

oil gland

How does vacuum packing prevent bacterial growth?

it minimises the amount of bacteria in the immediate environment therefor slowing the process of contamination

Discuss a bacterial growth curve and phases of bacterial growth?

The bacterial growth curve is usually exponential in shape just like most of the living organism.

How do you stop bacteria from thriving in a food swevice environment?

Bacterial growth can be hindered using proper food storage and preparation methods. For example: to not cut vegetables on the same board used to cut raw chicken would prevent a lot of bacterial growth risks.

What does sugar do for bacteria?

It is food to them. It can prevent the growth of bacteria, however, if it is dissolved in a high concentration (like honey).