How does Ender's Game end?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How does Ender's Game end?
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Who is the author in enders game?

the AUTHOR IN ENDERS GAME IS Shel Silverstean

How is ender manipulated in enders game?

how is manipulation shown in Enders game

Is Enders Game related to zone of the enders?


When did Zone of the Enders - video game - happen?

Zone of the Enders - video game - was created on 2001-03-01.

Does ender die at the end of enders game?

No - Ender does not die at the end of "Ender's Game". He survives to go with the first wave of colonists who are heading out to colonize all the worlds previously occupied by the Formics. He suffers death, of a sort, in one of the later books of the Enders quartet.

In Gulliver's Travels what are the Lilliputians quarreling about that leads to war?

I forget the name of the country but the two opposing factions were the 'big enders' and the 'small enders' referring to the end of the egg that they opened. The name of the opposing country was Blefuscu.

What is you favorite book?

Enders game

What you favorite book?

Enders game

What happens at the end of Enders game?

Ender kills off all the buggers and regrets it. Becomes the Speaker for the Dead in response.

Where can you get more information about the game Zone of The Enders?

There is a detailed Wikipedia article on the game called Zone of the Enders. One can also find information about this game at Game Stop, IMDb, and You Tube.

Where can you read enders game online?

On Google.

In the book enders game what evidence does the author use to support his ideas?

The author of the book Enders Game has used philosophy as evidence to support his ideas about the gay people.