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Wire the two 3 way switches using 3 wire cable (red, black, white and bare). Then connect the first light to the others using two wire cable (black, white and bare) kind of like a daisy chain. The power goes to the first 3 way switch, then switch one goes to switch 2 using the 3 wire cable (even though it has 4 wires in there), then the second switch goes to one of the lights. Hope that helps.

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If you want the four lights to come on/off when either switch is operated and you want the lamps to be fully lit then you must wire each lamp in parallel.

from the supply wire to the common terminal of the first switch. Connect a wire to each of the other two terminals on the first switch. Conect each of these wires to the similar terminals on the second switch.

From the common of the second switch connect a wire to the first lamp. From the other terminal of the lamp connect a wire back to the Neutral source.

This will give you one lamp controlled by two switches.

Now connect a wire from each terminal of the 1st lamp and connect it to the two terminals on the second lamp. make similar connections for lamps three and four.

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Q: How do you wire 4 lights with 2 switches?
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Does a double-pole switch control lights from two locations?

No. A double pole switch would be a switch that switches 2 different loads simultaneously. 3-way switches (and 4-way switches if more than 2 are used) are what are used for controlling a light from multiple locations. While a typical single pole switch simply opens or closes a single contact, a 3-way switch provides a path from a contact point to, let's say, point A or point B. Points A and B from the first 3-way switch are connected to points A and B of the second 3-way switch and then the common contact point of the second switch is connected to your light. When more than 2 switches are desired, you can use any number of 4-way switches between the 3-way switches, but the 3-way switches MUST be on the ends of the circuit.

How do you wire a light fixture with a four way switch?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.US NEC:A 3-way switching system is where one light, or a set of lights, can be controlled from two switches. Each switch is a one pole double-throw switch. The incoming Hot feed is connected to the center point of one switch and the load is connected to the center point of the other switch. The two outer poles of both switches are connected together. The load can be turned on or off from either switch. Note that all wires on both switches are considered hot, so none of them may be wires having white insulation. Typically, red and black are used.A 4-way switching system is where a light or a set of lights can be controlled from three or more switches. The two outer switches are the same as if they were 3-way switches. Each inner switch is a two pole double throw reversing switch with only four connections. It is wired to reverse the two hot conductors that run between the two outer switches. The load can be turned on or off from any switch.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

Can you use two Electric wire of 2mm in place of one wire of 4mm for the same load?

Do you remember basic arithmetic? Do you remember pi r square. If the diameter is 2, the radius is 1. If the diameter is 4 the radius is 2. Now 1 squared is 1. 2 squared is 4. So using the formula pi r squared tells us that a 4 mm piece of wire has 4 times the diameter as a 2 mm piece of wire. So two 2mm pieces of wire would have the equivalent of 1/2 the diameter and 1/2 the electricity carrying capability of a 4 mm piece of wire.

If you have 3-4 can lights 1 ceiling fan and 3 outlets what size breaker?

A 15 amp breaker protecting # 14 wire.

What size wire do you need to run 4 1500 watt 240v lights spaced out over 200ft span?

10 gauge will suffice.

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How do you wire 4 lights to 3 Switches?

There is no way to safely 4 lights to 3 switches. You can however complete this process by splitting wires.

How do you wire 4 can lights to 3 switches?

If you wire the lights in parallel you can then decide on any switch to control any light

What type switches and how many of each would be need to control a light from 4 places?

You will need two 3/way switches and two 4/way (Intermediate) switches. Click the link to see a video of exactly how to wire such a circuit.

What are all the lights on a school bus?

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What does a 4 pole contactor do?

It makes and breaks four separate contacts. Think of a switch for example that connects one wire to one wire. A 4 pole contactor is like 4 separate switches going on together.

How do you control 4 light in one switch and the same lights control by 4 switches?

You want four switches to independently turn 4 lights on and off. You need two 3-way switches, and two 4-way switches. The first 3-way is located where the power first comes into this system, two travelers (wires) go to the first 4-way switch, two travelers then go from that switch to the other 4-way switch and two wires go to the final 3 way switch. The third wire on the last 3 way switch then goes to the first light fixture. This is a complicated wiring project and it is not as simple as it sounds. Realistically, you will have more than 2 wires traveling between switches depending on whether the neutral is located, and further more dependent on whether power from the panel first comes to a switch or to a light fixture. You need to plan this well or you may have more wires in one or more boxes than code allows. Also, wires must be attached in particular positions on all the switches, or you will end up with a situation where some of the switches will work and some won't and troubleshooting is very complex.

Is Windstream DSL 2 wire or 4 wire connection?

Windstream has always been 2 wire connection. They might be making a 4 wire connection but they do not have it out yet.

How do you wire 4 pot lights so that if one burns out the others remain on?

Wire them in parallel. These are not Christmas tree lights. From the switch, all black wires together. All white neutrals together.

Difference between 2 core wire and 4 core wire?

2 core.

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How do you wire a light fixture to be controlled by 5 separate switches?

That is called 4 way intermediate switch wiring. Click the link to watch a video I have posted showing how to wire just such a circuit.