How do you wake up my mom?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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If she does not wake up when you call her or shake her, she may need more help than you can give, in which case, call 911 and tell them that your mom won't wake up.

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Q: How do you wake up my mom?
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How do you wake your mom?

You could say in a gentle voice, "Mom, it's time to wake up. we have to go." or something calm like that.

If your sister wakes up mom will mom get mad?

If your mom allows her to wake her up then no but if she makes so much noise then yes

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How do you wake up your mum?

If you need to wake up your mom, you can gently shake her shoulder or call her name. If that doesn't work, you can try turning on the lights in her room or opening the curtains to let in natural light.

Will Sabrina ever wake up her parents?

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How can you get your mom to you?

Shout her Name (mom/mum). Ring/Text her Number. Slap her in the Face (wake up call).

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Why does your mom sometimes wake people up with a silly song?

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How to wake up your mother?

1.) Start with yelling "mom, mom, mom." 2.) Hold her nose. 3.) Lift her blanket. 4.) Make a LOT of noise.

Does schuyler van alen's mom ever wake up?

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How do you wake up your mom with out wakeing your dad?

Go to her side of the bed and gently shake her. Good luck!