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Well, it's marketed as a "bath salt" meaning you put it in your bath water and you have a "soothing and scentual experience", but i don't know of any bath salt that costs 30 dollars for a ridiculously small amount. I'm sure you already know how it's actually used, but I'll explain it anyway. YOU SNORT IT. i used tranquility for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I've had some sort of "synthetic cocaine" in my system ever since, but the tranquility was the worst by far. at first, i felt like i could do anything, and TONS of energy. it was like being on speed. my friend and i played the same ridiculously simple video game for 9 hours. then, when it was time for bed, neither of us slept AT ALL and i used the tranquility the entire next day, then didn't sleep AGAIN. i ended up having a tranquility fueled panic attack one night because of depression, and i had to go to the ER because my heart had been racing for so many hours and i couldn't stop it. basically they shot me up with maximum doses of 2 different benzos and i was still having slight anxiety and jitters.

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Q: How do you use tranquility bath salt?
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