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Burp in your moms face

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Q: How do you unlock a shop podz in woozworld?
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How do you give a visitor key on woozworld?

You have to sell it in a Shop Podz

How do you earn free wooz in woozworld?

u can put something in your shop podz and sell it,but it must be a choice,premium,luxury shop podz so that u can earn wooz.If u want a easier way,just go and BUY WOOZ from the woozworld store.:)

Where can you get a teleport podz in woozworld?


How do you get a store on woozworld?

If you want to make a store, you have to get Shop Podz and put them in a units. Then, you put clothes or furniture in the podz and set the price. You can advertise by making an event or sharing the units to the WoozIn.

How do some bargain shop podz allow items to be sold for wooz on woozworld. I have seen at least five or six bargain podz selling items for wooz. I have tried and it's not allowed how can this happen?

You can't; when you buy a shop podz that costs beex, it cannot sell stuff for wooz. If you want to sell stuff for wooz, you must buy a special shop podz that can sell stuff like that, but they cost wooz too.

How do you make a woozen on woozworld?

You cannot you have to buy a bigger shop podz.There is Bargain,Choice,Premium or Luxury! Taryn330 Add me on woozworld I am Taryn330 and please vote my shop and me :) Buy from me and message me please :)

How do you take Tattooz Podz in Woozworld?

buy for wooz

What is the woozworld secret password to Mya's Podz?


How do you change your lipstick color on woozworld?

You can buy it from the Shopz or from the Podz in Mya's Collection Boutique or Woozworld Plaza

How can you get a spell on woozworld?

usually a mystery gift like gift podz

How do you sell items on woozworld?

you have to buy a podz from Shopz or Booya then place the item you wish to sell in the podz, depending on the type of item, some items can't fit in the small podz or beex podz, so you should buy a "Shop Podz" podz that can hold unlimted item and any item except Non-transferable items, Hope this helped

How do you get a item when podz locked woozworld?

The podz are locked for a reason, only the owner of the podz can undo the lock, not someone else. The lock was probably there for display, to prevent people from buying really rare stuff.