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You will need to complete the quests before it.

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Q: How do you unlock PaddyLump's Quests?
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How can you unlock nulgath's quests?

Finish the lair quests.

How do you unlock quests on pixie hollow?

By doing quests! Every time you complete a quest, more quests are unlocked. These include quests for learning your talent skills! To unlock most of the quests, you must be a member. Good luck!

How do you unlock paddylumps first quest on aqw?

first u will have to finish ewa the treekeeper quests the go to rayst in arcangrove then click where should shall i go the click more and more again till u will see three options click on quest and accept then type /join mudluk and then the first quest will be unlocked

How do you unlock quests in golden ruins and snow globe?

To get to the snow globe, you do all of the quests beforehand, such as the Toy Factory's quests and Major Moglin's quests. When you get there, do the first quest to unlock the second quest, the second quest to unlock the third quest, and so on. Then walk through Garaja's door in the left side of his room to get to the Golden Ruins and do the first quest to unlock the second quest, etc.

How do you unlock new arena quests in monster hunter tri?

You unlock arena quests by capturing the monsters offline. Once captured, you can play it in the arena offline.

How do you unlock quests on WolfQuest?

you finish your other quest

Aqworlds how do you unlock miltonius shop?

Do all the quests.

How do you unlock geopetal's quests in aqw?

To unlock Geopetal's quests in AdventureQuest Worlds (AQW), you must complete the storyline in Brightoak Grove. Once you finish the Brightoak Grove storyline, you will unlock Geopetal's quests in the same area. Keep in mind that you may need to complete certain prerequisites or quest chains to gain access to Geopetal's quests.

How do you unlock new quests in pixie hollow?

you haveto be a member

How can you unlock the shop of david in aqw?

finish all of his quests.

How do you unlock the quests in Swamps of mudluk on AQW?

Its really hard

How do you unlock nulgath's shop in aqw?

Finish the lair quests.