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Q: How do you understand the US tv guide?
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How do you watch US sports live in Germany?

try to find what channel its on in the tv guide book

When was program guide data added to broadcast television in the US?

TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS) was first added to US markets in the mid-1990s and was usually datacasted by the local PBS affiliate, with some other stations hosting a slower backup version.

Where are the TV guide corporate headquarters?

Depends...TV Guide the Magazine, TV Guide Channel or TV Guide Interactive. Believe it or not, TV Guide does not have headquarters for all three branches in one place. TV Guide Interactive is in Tulsa, OK, TV Guide Channel is in Hollywood, and I believe TV Guide Magazine is either in Radnor, PA or NY, NY

When was TV Guide created?

TV Guide was created in 1953.

When is Doctor Who back on in the US?

Doctor Who is available on BBC America for cable viewers that have that channel. Check your cable TV guide.

How did the TV Guide mini magazine get started?

The TV Guide mini magazine was started when a gap in the television guide magazine market was identified. TV Guide was first published in April, 1953.

Is TV Guide Network on cablevision?

No. Cablevision dropped it. Channel 100 is the guide for programs and not the TV Guide Network.

How can one configure best a TV entertainment unit?

First, plug in the cables like the handbook tells you. If there is no handbook, or if you don't understand it, any THX DVD has also configuration guide.

Where can one find information about a channel guide for your TV?

Some TV channel guide providers allow for their channel guide to be viewed on their website. There's also TV guide magazines which have subscriptions.

What are the release dates for TV Guide Special Holiday Gadget Gift Guide - 2007 TV?

TV Guide Special Holiday Gadget Gift Guide - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 2 December 2007

How do you get guide on cable TV?

One can get a satellite dish TV guide by visiting their official website and on the site you will find the TV guide to all channels. One can also subscribe to TV guide in order to receive the schedule of all shows.

On the TV show Seinfeld what does George's dad collect?

The magazine, 'TV Guide'.