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Wash with soap and water, then cover with a bandaid

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Q: How do you treat minor abrasions?
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Can you use gum spirits of turpentine on cuts or abrasions?

Turpintine for. Abrasions

What are the safety and health concerns of salt?

Salt is good for cleaning minor abrasions. Eating a lot of salt is not harmful to your health as long as your kidneys are functioning properly.

What is in the bathroom that begins in Z?

Zest Soap is used in the bathroom. Zinc oxide cream is a medication used to treat abrasions, burns, cuts, poison ivy.

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How do you treat minor cuts at work?

You can treat minor cuts at work by rinsing out the cut with warm water in any sink, probably the bathroom or break room, and then putting a band aid on it.

How do you treat a minor bump?

Ice or a cool compress to reduce swelling.

Can you shower with abrasions?

if they are not serious yes

What are the disease you get in cricket?

contusions, abrasions, chafing

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