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most likely your tensioner spring is worn that holds tension to the belt when engaged , or you may just get a inch or 2 smaller belt.

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Q: How do you tighten the belt on a Toro lawn mower I have already changed the belt but when you engage the blades the belt still slips and is too loose?
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Why mower cuts off when blades engage?

why does my rider cut off when i engage the blades

How do you engage the mower blade on a gravely mower?

look for the engage switch that has a picture of blades

How can you get your Craftsman tractor blades to engage?

Fix the drive belt.

Why does your craftsman riding lawn mower die when you engage the mowing blades?

check to be sure the blades have free movement. usually if you have this problem it is caused from something stopping the blades from rotating therefore it stops the engine

How do you engage the blades on a poulan pro 300ex?

Lever on right side of steering wheel, push up

How do you engage the mower for a John Deere stx38?

The STX-38 should have an electric clutch for the mower deck. The switch to engage it is on the right rear fender. It is a toggle switch. You will have to pull up on the switch and forward to engage the blades.

What engages the blade when you pull the engagement lever on a riding lawnmower?

Most lawn tractors don't have any fancy clutch system, but simply use the belt to engage and disengage the blades. When the blades are disengaged, the drive belt is slack and there isn't enough friction to the pullel to drive the blades. When engaged, the belt is taught and the belt drives the blades. Tension is controlled by a spring loaded pulley. When you pull the lever to disengage the blades, you pull this pulley away from the belt. When you engage the blade, the spring pushed the pulley into the belt, tensioning it.

How do you engage the blades on cub cadet 3184?

pto switch energizes a vacuum solenoid which puts pressure on the pto belts

Why wont my blades engage on a snapper mower?

check the front and back belt pulleys and if the elt is on the right side of the engager.

Is Zac Efron marriying Vanessa Hudgens?

there already engage

Craftsman riding mower that shuts off when you put the blades up?

If you are saying that the mower shuts off when you engage the blades (or put the lever for the blades in the up position) then the most common problem is a bad seat safety switch. This is located under the seat. It has two wires going to it.

Why will the blades not engage on L130 John Deere Riding Mower Blades Not work?

This has actually happened to me. There are some things you want to check.Make sure the blades are able to turn.Check your belts.Another problem might be with your PTO engage switch, these rarely burn out but the one on my tractor did.Check all things that engage the PTO, make sure all the lines and wires are connected and operational.My absolute best advice is to check with a dealer, but run over these things first so you don't go running to them with a simple problem.