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type /join marsh and keep on going right for members type /join ruins and go right once

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Q: How do you the get to soulseeker on AQWorlds?
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In AQWorlds does soulseeker drops hood?

no not really but you can get his scythe

Where is the soulseeker in aqw?


Where do you get the soul scythe on adventure quest worlds?

It is a drop from the Soulseeker in marsh2.

What is the drop rate for the soulseeker scythe?

14% As of March 14 2013

How can you get a scythe in aqw?

Easily! Go to the Marsh and battle the Soulseeker until he drops the Soulseeker Scythe. Another way is to look into the Evil Reputation Shop in Shadowfall, the Plague Strike Scythe is a cool weapon and you need to be Rank-8 Evil to buy it.

Does soulseeker in aqw drop his capeorlds?

No, it doesn't . However, it DOES drop its scythe and its helm witch i forgot

How hard is it to get the soulseeker's weapon in aqw?

its actually not that hard but it would really take u lots of kills.

Can you be invincible in AQWorlds?

No, you can not be invincible in AQWorlds.

How do you get the soul scythe in aqw?

The Soul Scythe is a non-member weapon which can be obtained by defeating the Soulseeker who can be found in Marsh 2.

Where is the king in aqworlds?

There are multiple kings in aqworlds.

How do you trade on AQworlds?

You can not. AQworlds does not have a trade system.

How do you combine armor on aqworlds?

You can only have one armor on at a time in AQWorlds. You cannot combine armors in AQWorlds.