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Q: How do you tension drive belt on toro XL380H?
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How do you replace the drive belt on a toro model 20017 lawnmower?

Before working on the Toro model 20017 lawnmower, disconnect the spark plug. The drive belt is visible under the mover. Use a ratchet to remove the blade. The drive belt is now accessible and can be easily changed.

Toro snow blowers?

I have a toro ccr 1000 snowblower. I need to know the lengh of the drive belt. the belt no. is 71-5381 I've tries a 34'' and a 35" belt. Can you tell me the lengh I need.

How do you replace drive belt on toro 22 rotary mower model no 38435?

A Toro 38435 is a snowthrower manufactured from 1997 to 1999.

How do you replace belt on toro snowblower?

put the belt on the bottom pully then on the top engine shaft then put both parts of the belt under the belt tension then the belt tensioner should be on the top of both part (strips) of the belt.

How do you replace the auger drive belt on a Toro 521 snowblower?

Got a toro 521 wont blow snow after 2 feet whats up

Toro GTS 6.5 horse mower drive belt part number?


How do you tighten a belt on a toro self propelled mower?

No, you can only adjust the tension on the cable by adjusting the clamp on the left side of handle.

How do you replace a drive belt on a forty two inch TORO mower?

You will need to remove the cutting deck to get to the blades. Here you will find the drive belt, which you just slip off.

How do you tighten the belt on a Toro lawn mower I have already changed the belt but when you engage the blades the belt still slips and is too loose?

most likely your tensioner spring is worn that holds tension to the belt when engaged , or you may just get a inch or 2 smaller belt.

How do you replace a drive belt on toro LX425 lawn tractor?

One can replace the drive belt on a Toro Lx 425 lawn tractor by reading their owners manual and learning how. A better approach may be to take the lawn tractor to an authorized Toro dealer to be fixed.

How do you tighten belt on a toro lawn mower?

There is no adjustment for the drive belt. It tightens when engaged to turn the wheels. If it's too loose, it may have slipped off the shaft pulley. If it's still on the pulleys and slipping, the bottom V of the belt may be worn and not grabbing properly. In either of these conditions, the belt should be removed and replaced.

How do you ajust drive belts on Toro Super Recycler Personal Pace Mowers?

There is a way to adjust drive belts on Toro Super Recycler Personal Pace Mowers. This can be done by greasing the belts. This will make them slower or faster.