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Q: How do you tell if you are squirting or peeing?
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Do squirting n peeing are the same?

They are different. Squirting is from vaginal mucosa. Peeing is from urethra.

How do you differentiate peeing and squirting when she cums?

squirting doesn't come out of the pee hole.

Does squirting feel like peeing?

When you squirt, it means you're most likely going to have an orgasm or you're having one. But otherwise yes it does. To make sure it's not urine, taste it a little and decide. If it's bitter, it's urine. If it's sour, it's you squirting.

When you get horny you tend to get so aroused you pee yourself is that normal?

Im not sure if it is normal but usually when I hit climax that is what happens to me. I suppose that is what "squirting" is. My boyfriend thinks it is hot as hell and gets turned on even more with it. Dont tell him u think your peeing and things should be good ;).

How does a woman know when to tell the man to pull out so that she can have a squirting orgasm?

She'l know.

Is cytherea's secretions real?

Listen to what another porn star named Belladonna said about Cytherea "squirting" during a movie they did together: "I can tell you personally that Cytherea is peeing on my face in Evil Pink but that is not legal so we call it squirting... I find it funny that the girls are drinking a lot of water while they shoot!! I think it's hot regardless if it's real or not." Later in the same site where I found that first quote, some other porn star (or maybe also Belladonna) is quoted as saying: "There is only one girl who I would say is able to squirt in the adult industry, and that is Flower. All the other girls you see squirting is [urine]. How do I know? Because we have wardrobe, and when the girls are squirting on their clothes, and days later you smell the clothes, they reek of [urine]."

Is squirting peeing?

Female ejaculation (colloquially known as squirting or gushing) refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before orgasm. The exact source and nature of the fluid continues to be the topic of debate among medical professionals. But they have found it wasn't urin.

Is female squirting pleasurable?

Not the squirting itself but the orgasm that precedes it.

How can peeing on a new bar of soap tell you if you are pregnant?

It can't. Get a over the counter test.

Can a woman pass urine by mistake during squirting?

Yes, a woman can urinate by mistake during squirting and during orgasm. Squirting does not happen from the urethra.

When you get your first period does it feel like your peeing?

It does not. You can't really tell unless you're trying to feel it.

How can you tell if you are about to ejaculate or if you just have to pee during sex?

peeing doesn't feel like its the best feeling in the world....