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take 2 tsp of cough medican and drink cold water as well as taking the medication

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Q: How do you stop your throat from hurting?
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What can you do to get your throat to stop hurting?

Go to the doctor

How do you stop hurting throat?

You could try cough medicine or throat spray, which makes your throat kind of numb and is a medicine. But get mucanes it relly helps

What does it mean if your throat doesnt stop hurting?

You may have a sore throat, it will go away with time and cough drops help the pain. If it does not improve in a week, go to the doctor.

How can you get your throat to stop hurting?

get a cup about 2 Tbsp of salt and 1 quarter of the cup u have with warm water then gargle it.

How can you stop your throat from hurting in one day but not using medicine?

Give honey a try, works very well with sore throats.

I was talking and all of a sudden my throat started hurting and i couldn't talk without it hurting now i cant talk at all i think its laryngitis how do i cure it?

First,you should stop talking for a bit, and if it doesn't cure,see a doctor,you may just have a sore throat.

How do you stop a cut in your throat hurting?

get some lemon and some honey and mix them together in a drink and then drink it

Can you stop your throat from hurting by eating ice?

ive tried it but it only stops it for a second i would try honny and lemon, its works just fine

How do you know if you have strep throght?

If you have strep throat, you will not be able to eat anything without your throat hurting like hell.

Your stomach stop hurting?

To get your stomach to stop hurting eat a bland diet and drink some Sprite or Ginger Ale.

What do you do if your thoart hurts so bad?

You should go to the doctor. If its just the throat hurting, you probably have strep throat or maybe something more serious.

How can you stop a ghost from hurting you?

they dont exist