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Try putting a towel under you when you sleep or see a doctor.

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Q: How do you stop slobbering in your sleep?
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Does sleep stop growth?

Sleep does not stop growth.

What is slobbering?

haha. when saliva drips down your mouth.

How do you stop drooling in your sleep?

You might stop drooling in your sleep if you sleep on your back. Most people who drool in their sleep are laying on their side or on their stomach.

How do sharks not sleep?

Sharks do sleep however they must sleep and swim at the same time because if they stop swimming they will stop breathing.

Why do you stop breathing in your sleep?

You may have sleep apnea.

Horse was fine 4 hours latter slobbering and can't walk?

Get your vet there NOW!

We stop breathing when we sleep?


How do you stop saliva in your sleep?

You dont.

How do you stop feeling tired?


How do you stop sleep walking?

I am afraid there is no cour of stop people who sleep walk as far as i am concerned but you can go to your local GP! I hope this helped you.

How do you make you stomach stop hurting?

If your trying to sleep then sleep side ways it helps me.

Is adult rocking in sleep normal?

I'm a 68 and I just started rocking in my sleep and it is wearing me out what can I do to stop this?