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Q: How do you stop loosing your hair?
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What happened to ne yo's hair?

he started loosing his hair at the age of 15 because all the men in his family starts loosing their hairs pretty early.

What is Carl Perkins song about a comb?

It was funny he was loosing hair ...

Why am I loosing my hair I am a 21 yr old female Overweight BMI 37 but otherwise no health problems Possibly Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Some other hormonal disorder or something else?

I am 53 and loosing my hair. What can I do to prevent hair loss?

Is Ariana Grande losing her hair?

Ariana Grande did not cry at the Grammys and now her hair is healthy but yes before she was loosing hair thats why she had extenstions

Why is it bad for animal to have fur colour?

its like dying your hair just for animals and dying your hair can add up to loosing hair and its bad for your healthy hair and the same for a dog

Why is chalk used in gymnastics?

chalk is to stop yourself from slipping or loosing grip

Is your cat losing hair because he is kept indoors?

no it's loosing hair because it's under stress or not getting enough sleep.

What percentage of men over 30 years start loosing their hair?

About 80 % of them start losing it

Losing a lot of hair at age 14?

You could be loosing hair for a lot of reasons, diet, hormones, medication, ect. You should talk to your doctor.

Why does your hair never stop growing?

Why does your hair never stop growing?

How do you stop your hair from breakage?

you can stop hair breakage by being gentle with your hair as far as combing and styling.also keeping your hair moisturized

Do gerbils lose hair?

Gerbils may start to shed when the weather gets warmer. Other that that, gerbils should not loose hair unless they are sick. If a gerbil is loosing hair, it could be very sick.