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Q: How do you squirt spit from under your tongue?
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Why does under your tongue squirt water?

It is because under your tongue there are salivary glands that "shoot" out saliva

When taking Suboxone do you let the saliva pool under your tongue or do you spit it out or swallow as its dissolving?

Don't spit it out ... thats the medicine ( really ? ) I put it under my tongue till its completel disvoled and swallow the rest with water. kicks it in quicker regardless of what people say. i know first hand.

Where are your spit glands?

underneath your tongue

When you brush your tongue you spit out blood?


How do you blow spit bubbles off your tongue?

First, you generate some spit. Then, you move your tongue forward so that it touches the back of your lower lip. Pull your tongue back and you'll have a bubble. Next, slide your tongue under the bubble and bring your tongue out of your mouth (Note: your tongue cannot be flat, it has to curve up and be pointy). Softly, blow on the bottom of the bubble, and the bubble will fly out. This will take lots of time and practice, but that's how you get it. Good luck! :D

Should you swallow the spit after taking suboxone?

I always do. When it's dissolving under the tongue let it completely dissolve then you can swallow. Avoid talking, chewing, drinking and anything else if possible that way you take in as much under the tongue as possible

What does spit tobacco do to your gums and tongue?

It makes your tongue turn black and fall off

Do blue tongue lizards spit out dangerous stuff?

they do not spit out stuff that will do anything so no

How do you tranquilize a person?

put a tranquilizer tablet under your tongue (don't swallow!) then kiss the person and spit the tablet in their mouth, they will swallow it without even knowing they did

How do you shoot a stream of saliva from your mouth?

Pucker up and blow. You'll either whistle or spit. saliva gland under the tongue can shoot a stream (personal experiance)

What do i use to rinse after tongue piercing?

use warm salt water.. swill it round... spit:)

Is it true that if you push a tongue back it will trigger the spit gland?

Yes it is true that if you push your toung back you trigger the spit gland, but you have to puch it back a certain way.