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My advice would be to set the points at .020" with a feeler gage to get the engine running, and then use a dwell meter to set the dwell after the engine is running.

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Q: How do you set dwell with out engine running?
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How do you set the points on a 350 1973 Chevy Impala?

Hook up a dwell meter and turn the 1/8" hex screw on the point set to achieve 30 degrees dwell. (Engine running)

What do the points get set at in a 534 engine?

30 degrees dwell

How do you set point gap for a 1972 Chevy 350 engine?

Use a dwell meter to adjust the points to 30 degrees dwell.

Point gap settings for 350 Chevrolet engine?

what is point setting for chev 350 v8 engine Use dwell meter to set the gap to 30 degrees dwell.

What is the spark plug setting and dwell setting for 327 engine?

The plug gap is 35 and the dwell setting is between 28-32, I like to set them at 30.

What instrument or instruments should be used to perform ignition timing on a running engine?

A dwell/ tachometer, and a timing light.

Distributor point settings 350 Chevrolet?

0.19 for brand-new points 0.16 gap for used points. The above answer may be adequate to get the engine running, but points are set correctly when you have a reading of 30 degrees on a dwell meter.

How do you set your points under the distibutor for a1972 Chevelle with 350 engine?

There is a window in the distributor cap. Just inside it there is an adjustment screw for the points. You will need a dwell meter to adjust them properly, the dwell should be set between 28 and 32 degrees.

Where does a dwell tach hook up to set points?

This might sound confusing, but the positive lead to the dwell meter goes to the negative side of the coil -- the same side the wire to the points goes to, and the negative lead to the dwell meter goes to a good ground like an intake manifold bolt or coil bracket bolt for example. Make sure you read the dwell on the right scale for the number of cylinders the engine has, or make sure you have the meter set to the number of cylinders the engine has (depending on what kind of dwell meter you're using) or else the dwell readings and RPM readings will be wrong.

How do you set the points on a 350 Chevy?

Chev 350's haven't used points for a long time. If you have an older one, just put the new points in place & reassemble the distributor, then, with the engine running, open the little window and use an Allen wrench to adjust the dwell. Of course, that means that you will need a dwell/tach. Newer Chev 350's don't have points. Correct dwell would be 30 degrees.

What is the 1956 chev v8 engine dis points setting for duel points?

.016 to.018 per set or 30 degrees dwell. Each set will have to be set seperately from the other.

How do you set the dwell on a 1974 350 Chevy truck?

attach a dwell meter and set the points for 30 degrees.