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Q: How do you set coil and pulley gap on home lite25cc weed eater?
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At which retailers can one purchase a weed eater?

A weed eater can also be referred to as a weed wacker. They can be purchased at most home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. They can also be purchased at Walmart and Kmart.

Why did Odysseus rescue his men from the lotus eater?

Because they did not want to return home

What is the ac coil in home ac units?

The coil are responsible for transferring of cool air trough the unit

Is home owner coil replacement possible?

What kind of coil? Is it an air conditioning coil? If yes, and you are certified in refridgeration, then yes. If you're not, leave it alone and call a professional.

Why does home airconditioning coil freeze?

The big question is which coil are you referring to? A couple of causes are 1-Low on freon 2-Filter dirty and not enough air flow across coil.

What effect did spending time with the lotus-eater have on Odysseus's men?

The men lost the desire to return home.

How would one change a heater coil on a 1998 V6 Ford Mustang?

A Ford Mustang does not have a heater coil. You must be thinking of your home HVAC.

What type of oil for featherlite weed eater?

2 cycle oil. You can purchase it from any home improvement store

What is an example of a pulley in your home?

One example of a pulley that is in your home is the blinds!! Hope that helps!!

What role does an evaporator coil perform?

The evaporator coil places a big role in your home's air supply. When the coils expand, cold air pumps through the coils, traveling into the system to keep a hot/cold balance in the home.

Where can you find gas lines for lightweight weed eater trimmer?

You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, and some small repair shops.

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