How do you send a e card on Panfu?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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1. Click on someone/a friend's panda.

2. On the bottom of their contact, there should be small buttons.

3. The one with the two envelopes allows you to send an e-card.

There are many e-cards to choose from. Each one costs 10 coins but is available to all members and as far as I know has no limit-use!

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Q: How do you send a e card on Panfu?
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How do you get coco the monkey on panfu?

When you send five people to join panfu

What do you do if you forget your Panfu password?

under the sign in bar press forgot your password and they will send you a e-mail letting you reset it

What do you do with the postcards on panfu?

You send them to people. Like typing a message, but on here on Panfu, it doen't let you type in and send messages for real. It only lets you send postcards on Panfu. I don't know why, but Panfu will not let you type the message, they will only let postcards be sent to other pandas on Panfu. But, I think ONLY Gold Panda's can send typing messages that they actually typed. But, I don't think panda's that aren't Gold, or panda's without the Gold Package, and other Non-Gold-Panda's can ONLY send postcards to other panda's on Panfu. So, I am pretty sure that if you want to send a typed message to another panda on Panfu, you better be on level five (5) or pay for the Gold Package on Panfu to send typed messages to other panda's on Panfu!

On moshi monsters how to get a second moshi with e- card?

On the Tell A Friend page you can send an e-card which will contain a link to adopt a monster.

How do you delete a Panfu account without logging in?

You can send an email to Panfu and ask them to delete your account. The email must be sent from the account you used to register your Panfu account.

How do you get gold membership cards on panfu?

cant panfu is too stupid to think of making a card for that kind of rly fun game

How does one send Christmas messages?

To send a Christmas message, the best way would be to purchase a Christmas card and write and send the card to the person. This has a more sentimental value than sending an e-mail or an online message.

Is a website required to tell you when they are charging the credit card?

Yes, they are required to send you an E-Mail informing you that your credit card has been charged.

how do I send birthday e cards?

Well you should first get the e gift card and try to send it somehow through the mail. Or you could go on the websites FAQ's if it has one to ask them personally.

How do you send a greetings get well to person?

You can go onto, choose a get well card, and send it to a friend on their e-mail address. Or, you can make one.

Do you send thank you cards when receiveing cards of encouragement?

You can send a thank you card to the person that send you a card of encouragement. The thank you card is to say that the card they send you was great and that it did help.

Where could one send free birthday e-cards?

The 123 Greetings website allows visitors to send free birthday e-cards. Birthday e-cards are also personalised and categorised depending on who one is sending the card to.