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you can go on to their "ID PHONE" something like that and click on the smiley face and it will automatically send the request.

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Q: How do you send a buddy request on Fantage?
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How doyou undelete your buddie on Fantage?

I'm sorry but once you delete a buddy you cant get him/her back unless you send him/her a request again.

How do you send a bud request in mail on animal jam?

Send the buddy request when the other person is not online!

How do you ask a person to be your buddie on Fantage?

First, if you want this specific person to be your buddy on Fantage, simply just click their IDFone, then under their level you can see this button that says "Request as Buddy". Click on it and it will let them know that you want to be buddies! :)

How do you send friend request on Maplestory?

If you mean to make him/her your buddy, get onto the buddy menu (hotkey R... i think) and type their name in after clicking the "Add Buddy" button.

How do you ask people to be their friends on fantage?

Its really easy first you chat to them and ask them if they want to be your buddy and if they say yes click on them and put request as buddy on their id phone and they might accept/deny it. I hope this helped you :)

How do you accept a buddy request on HorseIsle 2?

You and the person must both request to "Add Buddy".

Can you get boysfriends on Fantage?

Yes. Buddy with them and go all boyfriend or whatvs you do

How do you undelete your buddie on fantage?

You have to find your friend/buddy and add them back .

How do you add a friend on planet cazmo?

Easy! Click the person you want to add.... Then roll your mouse to the icons and read what it is...... If you see.... Add as a buddy.... And the request will send to him/her .....Then wait if he/she accept the friend request! ....Aedylaine....

How do you comfrim on a buddy request on

how to esept a buddie request

How do you accept buddy requests on fantage?

u can add ppl as a buddy and they will if they want add u or u can click ur buddy list and on top there will be a little head just click it and and press yes and there u buddy

How send friends request on meez?

how do I send a friend request on