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Usted es una mamacita. (formal)

Eres una mamacita. (informal)

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Q: How do you say you're a hot mama in spanish?
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How do you say hot mama in Spanish?

Mamá súper sensualMamá caliente (more obscene for some people)Mama caliente (this is so pornographic: suck hot)

How do you say i have mom in Spanish?

I que la futura mama tengo mama

How do you say mama bear in Spanish?

Mamá oso.

How do you say lil mama in spanish?


How do you say take youre time in spanish?

Tómate tu tiempo.

How do you say mothers in Spanish?

Mother in Spanish is madre, or mama.Madre, or Mama (mom)

How do you say happy Mother's Day mama Gwen in spanish?

Feliz dia de madres mama gwen

How do you say what is your mom like in spanish?

como es tu mama

How do you say my mom is worried in Spanish?

Mi mama se inquieta

How do you say good morning Mam in Spanish?

buenos dias mama

How do you say take my mom downstairs in spanish?

mi mama esta abajo.

How do you say my mother and my aunt in spanish?

Mi mama y mi Tia