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kalaji ghya.

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Q: How do you say take care of yourself in marathi?
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How do I say - I will always take care of you in marathi?

you are my love

How does your physical state fit in your character?

A person's physical state can say a lot about their character. It can say that they take care of themselves, or it might say that they don't. It is important to take care of yourself, so that people can see how you care about yourself.

How do you say take care in Finnish?

Take care is "Pidä huolta." in Finnish.If you want to say take care of yourself, then it's "Pidä huolta itsestäsi."

How do you say take good care of yourself in Tamil?

ni unnai parthukkole

What is the main responsibility of a person?

I would say to take care of yourself and others and respect yourself and others and their belongings.

How do you say hi in marathi?

Namaskar - this is how we say hi in Marathi

When your husband say take care at the end of an email what does he means?

your husband writes "take care" because he loves you and it means that he wants you to take care of yourself and not to get hurt. (physically and emotionally)

How do you say 'take care' in Spanish?

If you are speaking to one person, you would say "Cuídate." If you were speaking to more than one person at the same time, you would say "Cuídense." The first one is pronounced, "KWEE-dah-tay." The second one is pronounced, "KWEE-den-say."

How do you say take good care of yourself in Danish?

Pas godt pƄ dig selv

How do you say thank you and take care in French?

Prends soin de toi (informal) Prenez soin de vous (formal) Take care of yourself^ Merci Thank you^

How do you say take care of yourself in portuguese?

Using a short phrase, we say : "Cuide-se" or "Se cuida" "Tome cuidado com sua saúde" - "Proteja-se" (Protect yourself)

Is moving out at 16 a good idea?

I would say no because you are just not mature enough to take care of yourself yet.