How do you say straight ahead in French?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Straight ahead is 'droit devant' or 'tout droit' in French.

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Q: How do you say straight ahead in French?
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How do you say straght ahead in french?

If it's 'straight ahead' it's 'tout droit' or 'droit devant'

How do you say ahead in french?

en avant is how you say ahead in french. x

How do you say go straight ahead and turn left and it's between the park and the town hall in french?


How do you say straight in French?

straight:- as in a straight line... you would say... 'droite'- as in straight hair... you would say ... 'raide'- as in heterosexual.... you would say ...'hétérosexuel' or 'hétéro' for short- as in straight would say...'tout droit devant'depends on the context[go on] straight [ahead] (like a route description) = [continuez] droit [devant]I have straight hair: j'ai les cheveux raidesfirst left, then straight: d'abord à droite, ensuite tout droitstraight/ straightforward: directstraight (sexual orientation)= hétéro, hétérosexuel

What is 'tout droit' when translated from French to English?

Tout droit in French means "(Go) straight ahead" in English.

How do you say continue straight ahead in spanish?

sigue todo recto

How do you say Busy week ahead in french?

semaine bien remplie avant

How do you say straight from the heart in french?

directement du coeur

How do you say straight heir in french?

les cheveux raides

How do you say straight hair in French?

des cheveux raides

When was Basie Straight Ahead created?

Basie Straight Ahead was created in 1968-09.

How do you say you have straight hair in french?

j'ai les cheveux raides