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enne ormayundo? thats how you say do you remember me in malayalam.

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Q: How do you say in Malayalam-do you remember me?
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How to say Do you remember me in Chinese?

remember her?

How do you say remember in Hebrew?

to remember = zachar, זכר

How do you say i remember in Spanish?

in spanish, i remember is recuerdo!

How do you say remember in yiddish?

Gedeink is to remember in yiddish. eink as in eh like the canadians say.

How would you say 'Remember what is important in Arabic'?

How to say remember whats important or rembering what is important in Arabic

What do you say to someone you haven't called in a long time?

Meet an old friend.Don't be affarid to speak to them . first of all you can say "Hi" . Whether it seems like they remember you or not ask them "do you remember me its "_____" from "_____". if they remember you you can continue your conversation, but if they say they don't remember you just say "Oh I'm very sorry to bother you." or you can give them more details so they do remember you . Just remember don't be afraid.

How do you remember ten plagues?

Say the number of which it is and then say the plague

How do you say do you remember me in Thai?

To say "Do you remember me?" in Thai, you can say "คุณจำฉันได้ไหม?" (Khun jam chán dâi mái?).

How do you say to remember in latin?


How do you say do you remember the story in Spanish?

remember the story = recuerde la historia

How do you say Remember me in Slovakia?

The Slovak translation for 'remember me' is 'zapamätať si ma'.

How do you say remember me at night in Malayalam?

In Malayalam, you would say "ഞാൻ നിന്നെ രാത്രിയിൽ ഓർക്കുക" (njan ninne raathriyil orkuka).