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I think it might be Taiyougakure no Sato - Village Hidden in the Sun.

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Q: How do you say hidden sun village in Japanese?
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How do you say sun god in Japanese?

Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess.

How do you say dark sun in Japanese?


How do you say white sun in Japanese?

White sun: Howaido taiyou

What is the Japanese translation of 'sun'?

You may say 'taiyou.'

How do you say red sun in Japanese?

taiyou akai taiyou- sun akai- red

How do you say sun goddess in japanese?

'Taiyou no ohime-sama' in general translation. In Japanese mythology Amaterasu and Hirume are known as deities of sun.

How do you say Excuse me in Japanese?


How do you say sun in Japanese?

太陽 (taiyou) the u is silent.

How do you say camel in Japanese?

Mii Cle Jak Sun now say it all together

How do you say until the sun opens your petals in Japanese?

You may say 'hana ga saku made.'

What is the phrase 'heaven's sun' when translated from English to Japanese?

天国の太陽 /ten go ku no tai you/ is a way to say 'heaven's sun' in Japanese.

How do you say sun king in Japanese?

Sun king in Japanese is 'taiyou no ou' (太陽の王). 太陽 - sun の - (particle) 王 - king