How do you say Owned in Russian?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: How do you say Owned in Russian?
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Sweetheart in Russian?

To say sweetheart in Russian you say dorogaya. To say I love you in Russian you would say, Ya lyublyu tebya.

How do you say animal in Russian?

this how you say animal in Russian животное

How do you say jitterbug in Russian?

Джиттербаг is how you say jitterbug in Russian

How do you say Dylan in Russian?

How do you say "Dylan Smith" in Russian?

How do you say thirtenn in Russian?

Trenatsat is how you say thirteen in Russian.

How do you say this and that in Russian?

my wife and I in Russian?

How do you say night in Russian?

ночь, is how you spell it in Russian. you say it "nohch"

How do you say today in Russian?

You say Today in Russian like this Сегодня

How do you say areli in Russian?

do you mean hoe do you say 'are you' in russian? A tui? - are you?

How do you say enough in Russian?

Достаточно is how you say the word enough in Russian.

Why does Asda claim to be British when its owned buy an American company?

Chelsea Football Club are owned by a Russian, does that make them a Russian football team?It is American... If its owned by America then its an American supermarket... A Church was recently converted to a restaurant its no longer a Church its a restaurant same principles.

How do you say the work black in Russian?

The word "black" in Russian is "Ρ‡Ρ‘Ρ€Π½Ρ‹ΠΉ" (chyorniy).