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how to save game wild skies

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Q: How do you save your game in dream works dragons wild skies?
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How do you beat the DreamWorks Dragons Wild Skies game on Cartoons Network's website?

You beat the game when you tame all the 11 dragons.

What is the long spear for wild skies?

The long spear for the game Wild Skies is a weapon for defense or offense. Wild Skies is a Dreamworks Dragons game. You can also need to buy a long spear for 5 coins when going to get the dragon Zippleback.

Do you get a skrill in wild skies?

No. There are no more space for new dragons, but maybe if they decide to expand the game they might add some.

How do you get a water dragon in wild skies the game?

The dragons in the game appear when they are released in the series, so if you want a water dragon, you will have to wait till it gets out on T.V.

How do you write your name in DreamWorks Dragons Wild Skies?

With the keyboard, after beginning the game. If you want to change your name, the only way seems to be to reset your game in the settings.

Where is the bolder dragon on wild skies?

There are two dragons in the Boulder class: Gronckle and Whispering Death. Both of which are on wild skies. However, the Whispering death will not be on the game until it appears on the 'Riders of Berk' episodes. This will be next season along with Changewing and the new Smothering Smokebreath.

When did Crimson Skies - video game - happen?

Crimson Skies - video game - happened in 2000.

When was Crimson Skies - video game - created?

Crimson Skies - video game - was created on 2000-09-17.

Is it possible to get more then one dragon in DreamWorks dragons wild skies?

Yes. You can get all five at the time of the game's launch, plus another six that will be added as they premiere on the "Riders of Berk" TV series.

Was Whismy skies ever a non deluxe game?

Yes Whimsy Skies was once a not deluxe game. But then It became deluxe.

What does monstrous nightmare eat?

According to the Monstrous Nightmare's dragon book entry in the browser game Dreamworks Dragons: Wild Skies, "they really like to eat some mutton and crabs." That's probably not canonical, though.

What are the all the dragons found on DreamWorks Dragons wild skies called?

An example of that would be like: Night Fury Hideous Zippleback Monstrous Nightmare Gronckle Deadly Naddar And for the new dragon that is the sixth dragon in the game that has been unlocked would be the Thunder Drum. And there will be new dragons that would be available but it does not go all of a sudden available because the game follows the t.v series of How to train Your Dragon Riders of Berk. and you would need to wait patiently until there's something new in the game.